Breast Milk Ice Cream “Baby Gaga” Was Removed from Shop in UK

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United Kingdom – Local government officials have confiscated “Baby Gaga”, the ice cream which was made from human breast milk, amid concerns about the virus that the dessert might contain.

O’Connor’s London ice cream shop, The Icecreamists, started selling “Baby Gaga” last Friday.

According to Westminster City Council, they are just responding to two complaints whether a shop should be selling milk from other people’s bodily fluid.  Britain’s Food Standard Agency has not yet made their official press release.

The Ice cream, marketed as “Baby Gaga” which was launched last week by The Icecreamists, is now being tested.

It is being feared that the ice cream might contain hepatitis virus, which could be transferred through breast milk.

However, The Icecreamists defended their product and informs the public that they are testing all milk from all donors. Matt O’Connor said that the donors had been screened to hospital standards, to make sure that the milk they were giving is completely safe.

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