Brazilian breaks medal: Judoka drops 2012 London Olympics bronze medal

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Felipe Kitadai

Felipe Kitadai (in white)
Image Credit: London 2012

A Brazilian judoka accidentally dropped and broke his bronze medal, hours after taking third-place in the 60kg category at the 2012 London Olympics on Monday, July 30, 2012, according to a Brazil team spokeswoman.

Brazil‘s Felipe Kitadai won his judo event over Elio Verde of Italy to win the bronze medal.

However, according to Brazil’s spokeswoman, Kitadai “was taking a shower with the medal when he dropped it.” The spokeswoman added that the 23-year-old judoka “slept with the medal and realised later that it was broken. It wasn’t a very smart thing to do.”

Reports say that the top of the bronze medal where the ribbon loops was damaged.

Olympic official have agreed to provide a replacement medal.

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