Boyfriend proposes marriage to stewardess girlfriend during flight (Video)

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A 29-year old flight stewardess named Vera Silva received a marriage proposal from his boyfriend during a flight from Lisbon to Barcelona, who announced it in front of about 80 passengers, according to international news sites on Wednesday.

Flight stewardess Vera Silva
Photo credit: ITNNews/YouTube

Joao Vieira was reported to have secretly planned everything to surprise his girlfriend as he proposed for a marriage in mid-air, with the help of some airplane crew members.

Silva, whose boyfriend told her earlier that he will be leaving for a business trip, was shocked when Viera asked her to marry him by using the public address system.

As shown in the YouTube video below, the Portuguese flight stewardess was surprised upon hearing his boyfriend’s voice and saw him on the opposite side of the plane, who first announced in public how much he love her before announcing the marriage proposal.

Although embarrassed as they caught the attention of the passengers, Vera Silva agreed to the marriage proposal also using the public address system near her.

“I thought about hiding in the bathroom, but then I thought twice.” The stunned flight stewardess said on an interview, while still boarding the plane with his fiance.

Joao Vieira then approached Vera Silva and the two kissed and hug each other with joy, as passengers cheered and clapped with excitement.

“In 35 years, this is the first time this has happened, it was funny.” The aircraft’s captain, Pedro Mathias told the news.

Mid-air proposal for air stewardess
Video credit: ITNNews/YouTube

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