Bottlenose Dolphins Suffers UME In Gulf of Mexico Says NOAA

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Bottlenose Dolphins
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Bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are experiencing an “unusual mortality event” or UME, according to reports by several news sites.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), UME is defined as an unexpected stranding incident or a significant loss of any marine mammal population.

Since February 2010 more than 400 bottlenose dolphins got stranded on the beach and some were found lifeless at the shore. The affected dolphins were very young, some of which are either preterm or neonatal, that were below 115 centimeters in length.

According to experts, marine mammals like the dolphins are at risks to algae blooms, infectious diseases, temperature and environmental changes, and human impact.

NOAA, however, has yet to determine the real cause of the UME.

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