Boston Cat Sal Esposito Called In Suffolk Superior Court For Jury Duty Story Went Viral (Video)

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Cat On Jury Duty
Cat On Jury Duty
Image Credit: Youtube Clip/benmaxwell

The story of a Boston cat named Sal Esposito went viral on the web when the cat was called in Suffolk Superior Court for jury duty.

According to international reports, a Boston family included Sal as a family member on a city census as a pet. However, Guy and Anna Esposito were both surprised when they received a summon for Sal to appear for jury duty.

Anna immediately filed for a disqualification of service and wrote that Sal was “unable to speak and understand English” with a letter from Sal’s vet saying that the animal was a ‘domestic short-haired neutered feline’. Unfortunately, the jury commissioner denied the request and the court ruled that Sal is expected to report to the courtroom on March 23.

Reports said that Sal might have been mistakenly identified as a human when the census forms were processed.

Below is the video interview of Sal’s owners uploaded in YouTube by slcgrad.

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