Borat anthem played instead of real Kazakhstan national anthem during sports ceremony in Kuwait (Video)

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The ‘Borat’ anthem was played by mistake during a sports awards ceremony recently in Kuwait, instead of the real Kazakhstan national anthem, which brought shame to the country, as shown in the video below.

Kazakh gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko, while
listening to the ‘Borat’ anthem, which was
played instead of Kazakhstan national anthem

Image Credit: Telegraph video

As noted at various international news sites on Friday, March 23, 2012, Kazakh shooting gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko is being honored for her achievement on Thursday when organizers played the ‘Borat’ film anthem instead of the real one.

According to reports, Dmitrienko won the gold medal during the 10th Arab Shooting Championship that day, and the Kazakhstan national anthem was supposed to honor her but it turned into an embarrassing moment instead.

Apparently, the song that was played is UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen‘s spoof of ‘Kazakh national anthem‘ from his 2006 satirical film ‘Borat‘, which offended a lot of Kazakhs by portraying the country as backward and degenerate.

That time, the film “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” outraged people in Kazakhstan and was eventually banned in the country for being offensive in nature.

Meanwhile, BBC News noted that the medal ceremony was later rerun and the correct song was played, with the organizers apologizing for the mistake and blamed on an error when downloading the Kazakh anthem from the Internet.

BBC News also said that Coach Anvar Yunusmetov told Kazakh news agency Tengrinews that event organizers also made a mistake and got the wrong Serbian national anthem.

Borat anthem (with lyrcis) played by mistake, being listened to by Kazakh gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko
Video Credit: TelegraphTV/YouTube

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