Book thrown to Obama during a Congressional Campaign Rally in Philadelphia nearly hit President’s head (Video)

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A few hours ago, a book was apparently thrown to US President Barack Obama during a congressional campaign rally in Philadelphia, as reported at Daily Mail UK.

The book, which almost hit the president’ head, was not clearly identified, and who threw it; and he did not seem to notice the danger, the report said.

President Obama was on stage in a campaign rally supporting his Democrat Party members to win the seats in the upcoming US congressional election this coming November 2, when the book throwing happened.

Later, a man without clothes was apparently caught by police, although there were no reports if he was the culprit behind the book throwing incident.

Meanwhile, reports also said that US media are questioning the Secret Service, who did not appear to be close enough to the president to anticipate the danger.

It can be recalled that back in 2008, an almost similar event transpired when an annoyed Iraqi journalist throw a shoe at George Bush (who was then the US President) during a press conference in Baghdad.

Below is the video of the ‘book throwing to Obama’ incident just a few hours ago. (It was on about the 4:39 time)

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