Boeing Layoffs: Boeing to Layoff 1100 Employees, Majority from Long Beach, CA

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About 1100 employees will be affected by the layoffs announced by Boeing on Thursday, according to several international news sites. Reduced orders for their C-17 cargo planes triggered the layoffs. According to reports, the company will reduce annual C-17 production to 10 aircraft starting 2012. They plan to deliver 13 C-17s this year.

Boeing C-17 cargo plane
Boeing C-17
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Majority of the layoffs will occur at the Long Beach, California plant, with 900 affected employees. 200 jobs at Mesa, Arizona; Macon Georgia; and St. Louis plants will be cut by the end of next year.

Affected employees include midlevel management, accountants, engineering, research and assembly line workers. Layoffs will be staggered monthly through 2012 and workers will receive 60-day notices.

“This has been a very difficult decision, no question about it,” Bob Ciesla, C-17 program manager, was quoted saying. According to him, reducing the production of C-17s each year, along with a smaller workforce, “will allow us to keep the production line open beyond 2012, protect jobs, and give potential customers more time to finalize their airlift requirements.”

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster is disappointed. “Our rich history of aerospace manufacturing makes this an emotional day for Long Beach, as the C-17 plant is the last of what was previously a robust aerospace manufacturing industry in California. The impacts from these reductions will affect the State and the region, and is not constrained only to Long Beach,” Foster said in a statement.

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