Boeing Dreamliner Electrical Fire Caused By Faulty Power Panels Says Boeing

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Upon investigation, US aerospace giant Boeing has determined the cause of an electrical fire on board a test Boeing 787 Dreamliner that resulted on the plane losing its primary electrical power during a test flight last Tuesday. It was caused by faulty power panels, as reported on several international news sites today.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Image Credit: Boeing

“We have determined that a failure in the P100 panel led to a fire involving an insulation blanket,” Boeing said in a statement.

The P100 panel is one of the aircraft’s many power panels. It can be found under passenger seats close to the wings. Its power is obtained from the left engine and distributed to a range of systems.

The damage to the panel was “significant”, but initial inspections did not show extensive damage to the surrounding structure or other systems, Boeing said.

The molten metal found near the the panel have little significance to the investigation, Boeing said.

During the incident, the crew relied upon backup systems to land the Boeing Dreamliner. “The pilots executed a safe landing and at all times had positive control of the airplane and all of the information necessary to perform that safe landing,” Boeing spokesman Lori Gunter was quoted saying.

Schedule for the resumption of test flights for Boeing Dreamliner is not yet announced.

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