Boeing 787 Dreamliner test flights resumes for FAA certification

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner resumed its test flights to seek approval from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as published on US news sites on Monday.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner test flights
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According to reports, Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its test flight on Monday for FAA certification which made a take off from Yuma, Arizona on Monday, where pilots were required to drain fuel to demonstrate that the plane can land safely in case of trouble.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner test flights have been going on since last year, but this is the first test that will be counted for the FAA certification, which is being expected to make its first customer delivery later after the long delay.

This latest test flight was due to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner emergency landing incident back in November 9, 2010 in Laredo, Texas, when a crew reported smoke in the cabin during a test flight.

Future tests being canceled while Boeing investigation was said to have revealed that a short circuit in the power distribution panel, most likely due to debris.

Reports added that two other Boeing 787 planes will have their test flights probably in a week or more, while two more planes will be used for ground testing.

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