Boeing 767 plane from Newark makes emergency landing at Warsaw, 230 passengers safe (Video)

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A Boeing 767 plane flying from New Jersey made an emergency landing in Poland on Tuesday, November 01, 2011, as shown in the video below. All the 230 people on board are safe.

As noted at US news sites that day, the Boeing 767 plane being operated by LOT, a Polish airline, made a successful emergency landing in Warsaw, after a trouble with its landing gear was discovered.

According to reports, the passenger plane landed safely without its wheels at the Frederick Chopin International Airport after circling around for about an hour and no one was hurt.

“The plane landed safely on its belly on the runway which had been sprayed with special flame retardant substances. All the passengers disembarked, no one was injured.” LOT spokesman Leszek Chorzewski was quoted on reports.

The pilots were said to have discovered the technical problem causing the landing gear not to open, with the plane scheduled to land at 1:35 p.m.(EDT), and finally landed at around 2:41 p.m.

Firefighters rushed towards the plane and stopped the small sparks that appeared from under the plane, as passengers immediately escaped. The airport was reported to be closed until Wednesday.

Boeing 767 plane from Newark, making emergency landing at Warsaw
Video Credit: Sky News

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