BMW Logo Shown To Commercial Viewers When They Closed Their Eyes

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BMW Logo
BMW logo
Credit: BMW

According to international reports on Thursday, BMW created an advertisement where viewers saw the BMW logo at the end of the commercial when they closed their eyes. It was shown at a movie theater in Germany at an undisclosed date.

BMW was able to do the trick by using the afterimage illusion. A giant Profoto Pro-7B was hidden at the back of the screen, in front of it was a card with the letters BMW cut into it. At a dull moment in the commercial, the flash was triggered which left a lasting impression on the viewers’ retina. Then, before the advertisement ends, the viewers were asked to close their eyes.

The viewers were surprised with what they saw when they closed their eyes. The letters BMW appeared clearly.

Here is a video report of the commercial with how it was done and some audience reactions, uploaded by Youtube user PaperPlanefr:

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