BMW i8 Spyder Production Could Be Delayed Due To Engineering Challenges?

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During the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, BMW said that the BMW i8 Spyder would make production in 2015. However, that time frame could be adjusted as the car’s design is reportedly presenting major challenges to engineers.

BMW i8 Spyder
BMW i8 Spyder at the 2012 Beijing motor show

According to a report from Autocar, a spokesman said that incorporating the carbonfibre-reinforced plastic bodyshell construction of the i8 into a convertible format was proving problematic.

“The last architecture presented some fairly major challenges, to be able to produce a convertible in that format. The rigidity was hard to find with that particular architecture,” the unnamed spokesman was quoted as saying by Autocar.

There is “no set time frame” for the introduction of the BMW i8 Spyder to the market, the spokesman reportedly said.

However, this report from Autocar contradicts several media reports which said that the BMW i8 Spyder will be launched by late 2015. I guess, we all just have to wait and see. Right?

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