BMI Elite employee receives new car 2013 Ford Escape as gift from company for his hard work (Video)

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A BMI Elite employee named Chris Ninos recently received a brand new car, a 2013 Ford Escape, from his bosses, as shown in the video below, as a gift to him for his hard work in the company. BMI Elite is an Internet marketing company in Delray Beach, Florida, where Ninos has been working for 11 years.

BMI Elite employee Chris Ninos new car gift

BMI Elite employee Chris Ninos, inside his new
2013 Ford Escape, as his boss Brandon Rosen (in
black shirt) and fellow employees look on

Image Credit: BMI Elite video

As noted at on Friday, November 30, 2012, BMI Elite CEO Brandon Rosen and company President Dan Lansman surprised Chris Ninos last Tuesday with a new car, noting that it is just one way to show their employees that they are being taken cared of for their hard work.

“He’s been driving the same car, I think, since I’ve known him, which is about almost 11 years now, and he’s been talking about getting a new car and just not wanting to do something for himself like that,” Lansman was quoted telling to WPBF field reporter who was present when they gave Ninos his new car.

Apparently, the company also prepared a video, with Brandon Rosen can be seen on the first part sharing the benefits they give to their employees, including bringing them to the Bahamas every Christmas. He also praised Ninos for going to work even before office hours and being one of the employees who goes home last.

Later, Rosen can be seen interviewing some of the BMI Elite employees on their opinion about Ninos, who also happens to be celebrating his 52nd birthday that day. All of those interviewed have good words on him, citing his being a hardworking, trustworthy, and a very dedicated employee to the company.

On the latter part of the video, Ninos arrives into the office and was surprised by Rosen, who gave him the keys to his new 2013 Ford Escape. The employees gave him a warm welcome of applause, as he went nearer to his new car and sat on the driver’s seat, and he was shocked for the gift he received.

“This is completely out of left field. I did not even expect this. I am speechless.This is unbelievable.” Ninos said during the news interview, adding he was earlier told that he was supposed to pick up his boss from their office, which did not turn out that way.

BMI Elite buys new car for employee Christopher Ninos
Video Credit: pyxlb0mb/YouTube/BMI Elite

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