Blogger released after 4 years in prison for calling the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak a ‘dictator’

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A blogger known as Kareem Amer, or Abdel Kareem Nabil in real life was released after 4 years in prison for calling Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak a ‘dictator’, as published in CNN on Thursday.

Nabil, who is a former law student at Al-Azhar Universityin Cairo and is a critic of conservative Muslims, was released from prison on November 16, 2010.

According to the report, Kareem Nabil was convicted to spend 4 years in an Egyptian prison for blogging about his extremist ideas and “defaming the president of the republic”.

The Committee to Protect Journalists released a statement saying that Kareem was sent to jail for ‘spreading information disruptive of public order and damaging to the country’s reputation and an incitement to hate Islam’.

“There are things we inherit without even thinking about them, I tried to change my way of thinking.” Nabil said.

“I tried to read what was forbidden in our house, things written by people who in my home and in religious institutions are considered infidels.” The Egyptian blogger added.

During his time in jail, Nabil became an instant celebrity and inspiration to bloggers and other advocates of freedom of speech.

Howayda Taha Matwali, producer Al-Jazeera, was reported to be among them, and was detained by the local police after she made a documentary that dealt with alleged torture in Egyptian police stations.

Meanwhile, Nabil told reporters after he was released, that police officials apparently beat him just before he left prison, and warned him not to blog again.

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