Blindtype acquired by Google for Touchscreen Keyboard debut

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Blindtype was acquired by Google for their touchscreen keyboard debut, the former announced yesterday on their blog.

Blindtype, as the name would like to suggest, has developed as revolutionary technology that allows users to type messages without looking at the screen.

When a user start typing anywhere, BlindType will identify their movements and convert them into text.

Actually, BlindType will predict what the user intends to write, and the company said it has the highest success rate among others.

This technology makes the typing faster and easier, since the phrase or words need not to be typed completely.

At present, it is being used by Apple’s iOS-powered touchscreen devices, which includes iPhone, Ipod, and iPad, as well as Android.

Below is the video demo of Blindtype at You Tube, and the official statement posted from their blog.

“We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google!

We want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and positive feedback.

We know that typing on your mobile device can be a frustrating experience, which is why we’ve worked hard to make touch typing easier and faster than ever – the way it should be.

We’re excited to join Google, and look forward to the great opportunities for mobile innovation that lie ahead.

The BlindType team”

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