Blackburn Rovers sold to Venky’s London Limited of Rao family from India for £43 Million

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The £43 Million takeover of India‘s Rao Family of Blackburn Rovers has been completed according to international news.

Venky‘s London Limited took over 99.9% holding of Blackburn Rovers, setup and formerly owned by the late Jack Walker. Paul Egerton Vernon, current chairman of Jack Walker Trust, express satisfaction in turning over the Rovers to the Rao family. Anuradha J Desai, Venky’s chairman was also “delighted, proud and humbled to be associated with Blackburn Rovers”.

Venky’s was established in 1976 as Western Hatcheries Ltd with chicks as its main product to be sold to poultry markets in north India. Through the years, the company diversified into nutritional health products for humans, pet food and other healthcare products.

Blackburn Rovers became the first Indian-owned Premier League club. Venky’s expressed confidence that their Asian experience will be able to help them create a huge market for the Lancashire outfit.

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Venky‘s aims to “exploit our in-depth knowledge of the Indian market in particular, and beyond that, the whole of Asia” to be able to increase the club’s following.

Hoping to raise interest on Blackburn, it has been put on sale for two years now.

Blackburn is currently in 14th place in the Premier League. The team was able to rack up four victories in 13 games

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