BlackBerry outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa continues on second day, email services restored

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Updated: October 13, 2011 12:55 a.m.

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The BlackBerry outage across Europe, Middle East and Africa continues on its second day, with Research In Motion (RIM) noting that email services have been restored.

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As noted at British news sites on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, the BlackBerry outage is still going on in different parts in Europe, Middle East and Africa since Monday.

Apparently, RIM already acknowledged the problem after BlackBerry users posted their complaints via Twitter on Monday; with the hashtag #BlackBerry went as a trending topic.

“We apologize to any of our customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa still experiencing issues. We’ll bring you an update as soon as we can.” BlackBerry (@BlackBerryHelp) tweeted.

BlackBerry email services restored. Some users still experiencing delays with browsing and IM. Sorry for inconvenience.” BlackBerry tweeted about 5 hours later.

According to reports, the BlackBerry outage in UK started before 10 am (UK time) and Vodafone customer services said that RIM confirmed the problem about an hour later, but did not give reasons.

That day, BlackBerry users had problems with instant messaging service (BBM), email and web browsing, though email services started to resume about 12 hours later.

“We are pleased to report that BlackBerry email services have been restored.” BlackBerry said on their official Facebook page on Tuesday, now with over 6,400 ‘likes’ and nearly 3,200 comments.

“Some people may continue to experience delays with instant messaging and browsing services and our technical teams are working to return services to normal as quickly as possible.” BlackBerry added.

“We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience and we’ll continue to update you as new information becomes available.” BlackBerry noted.

As of this writing, tons of BlackBerry users still cannot browse the web and others are still experiencing problem with instant messaging, with different speculations about the outage now being raised.

“Some areas have messaging delays and impaired browsing. We’re working to restore normal service as quickly as possible.” BlackBerry tweeted about an hour ago.

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