Black Swan: Sarah Lane Did Most of the Dancing for Natalie Portman?

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Sarah Lane, a ballet dancer, has claimed that she did most of the dancing in the multi-awarded movie Black Swan, which stars Natalie Portman. This is according to entertainment news sites, March 27, 2011.

Lane, the double of Portman in the movie, has reacted to a statement made by Benjamin Millepied, dance choreographer of the movie, who said that Natalie Portman made 85% of the dancing. Lane said that Portman did only 5% of the actual dancing.

The movie Black Swan, a psychological thriller, has made headlines when it garnered several nominations during the Academy Awards which include Best Actress, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, and Best Picture.  Portman won as Best Actress.

Natalie Portman has not yet reacted to Lane’s statement, but the film company said that Portman had done most of the dancing.

This is a video of Black Swan movie trailer, uploaded by FoxSearchlight.

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