Black Hole Photo Caught By Korean Satellite In Holbox Island

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Black hole at Holbox Island
Image Credit: Our Amazing Planet

An earth’s black hole photo was taken by a Korean satellite of an island in the northeast of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, according to an article published by Our Amazing Planet.

The island Holbox, meaning black hole, got its name for having deep rocky hole waters that makes its waters look black.

The Korea Multi-purpose Satellite 2 (Kompsat-2) took the pictures of Holbox Island and its Yalahau lagoon. Kompsat-2 was operated by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and was launched in space in 2006.

Holbox island stretches to about 26 miles (42 kms) long piece of land with a lagoon separating it from the mainland. Its location seems to be the converging point of three major oceans that include the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

A kaleidoscope of watery turquoise and emerald colors can be seen with the mixture of the waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico at Caboe Catoche , Holbox island‘s eastern tip.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), over 500 bird species and turtles uses Holbox island beaches’ white corralline sand as nest. Dolphins, manta rays and shark species swims along the shore. The island and its surrounding waters is a protected area as part of the Yum Balam Biosphere Reserve.

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