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BIR corrects mistake in Top 10 Individual Taxpayers of 2009 list, Bandong and Taparan removed

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Manila, Philippines – The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) corrected their mistake in recently released list of ‘Top 10 Individual Taxpayers of 2009’, and Bandong and Taparan were removed from the list, according to ABS-CBN News on Friday.

As reported by Anthony Taberna on their official website, BIR have corrected the error and removed the names of Rosabelle C. Bandong and Francis Carlo D. Taparan from the list; and apologized for the misinformation.

In the original list, Bandong landed on the the second spot on the list of ‘Top 10 Individual Taxpayers of 2009’, while Taparan was on the fourth place.

Apparently, Bandong was mentioned as the one who paid P57,867,521 in 2009 and Taparan was said to have paid P38,750,002 on the same year.

However, both Bandong and Taparan went to the BIR’s office and complained about the figures, and learned that there was a mistake in data encoding of their tax returns.

After further evaluation, both individuals were known to have paid taxes in 2009 only in thousands and not millions, who told the news they feared for their safety after the list was released.

After the records were reviewed, Bandong and Taparan tax payments in 2009 became P57,000 and P38,000, respectively.

Bandong was reported to have been working as an associate editor of a production house for 6 years, while Taparan is a lawyer by profession.

“I am not a Lopez or a Gokongwei. Why did the tax bureau staff not wonder [why I landed as No. 2 on the list]? They should have been more careful,” Bandong told ABS-CBN News.

Meanwhile, BIR said tax return encoders will be reshuffled to make sure that such kind of error will not happen again.

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