Bionic man: $1M Artificial Man Walks and Breathes (Video)

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Bionic man

Bionic man
Credit: Video grab on YouTube

A bionic man with artificial human organs and body parts was assembled by a team of engineers. The bionic parts of this artificial man is reportedly worth around $1 million. This bionic man made its first public appearance in the US on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

Smithsonian Channel will feature a television documentary, entitled “The Incredible Bionic Man,” about this robot at 9 p.m. on Sunday, October 20.

Reports say that this bionic man features human-like body parts that include a functional kidney, circulatory system, implanted cochlear and retina.

The artificial parts of this robotic man was manufactured by around 17 companies worldwide.

Managing Director Richard Walker spearheads the bionic man project of Shadow Robot Co.

Walker explained that the bionic man project is “an attempt to showcase just how far medical science has gotten.”

According to Walker, the 6.5-feet-tall bionic man has about 60 to 70 percent functional human-like artificial parts.

It can sit and stand with the support of a Rex walking machine, used by individuals who were unable to walk due to a spinal injury.

An electronic pump enables its heart to beat and circulate artificial blood that carries oxygen.

The bionic man currently has no brain, digestive system, liver, or skin.

Its face was designed by creating a 3D model of the face of Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist at the University of Zurich who has no lower left arm since birth.

Meyer revealed that during his first encounter with the bionic man, he felt “quite a shock to see a face that closely resembles what I see in the mirror every morning on this kind of dystopian looking machine.”

Below is a Youtube video of the million dollar bionic man.

Bionic Man
Credit: Smithsonian Channel/YouTube

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