Bin Laden Wife No. 5 Amal al-Sadah stayed at Abbottabad compound for 5 years

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Osama bin Laden wife No. 5 said she stayed inside the compound at Abbottabad, Pakistan where the al Qaeda leader was killed on Sunday, and did not leave the place for five years.

Abbottabad compound where Osama bin
Laden was killed

Image Credit: Anjum Naveed/AP

As reported at CNN on Thursday, May 5, a Pakistani military spokesman told them that Amal al-Sadah, 29, the fifth and youngest wife of Osama bin Laden said she lived with her husband in that compound for five years.

Amal al-Sadah was reportedly shot in the leg when the Navy Seal raid the Abbottabad compound, eventually killing Osama bin Laden, who was shot in the head.

Apparently, Amal al-Sadah was told her interrogators that eight of bin Laden’s children and five others from another family are with them, as told by Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas to CNN.

According to BBC, 11 out of the 13 children found in that compound were boys but were not clearly identified if all of them are sons of Osama bin Laden.

Amal al-Sadah reportedly claimed that Osama bin Laden was still alive when she was shot, who lived on the second and third floor of the main house inside the compound.

Osama bin Laden, who claimed responsibility for the 9/11 terror attack, was noted to have a total of 20 children and three of them were Amal al-Sadah‘s.

Reports say that they had two sons and a daughter, while one of bin Laden’s adult son to another wife was reportedly killed during the raid.

Also on Thursday, US President Barack Obama visited Ground Zero who said earlier that Osama bin Laden’s dead photo will not be released.

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