Bin Laden Malware: Public Warned about Malicious Sites

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Bin Laden’s death in the hands of the US Navy SEAL Team 6 and the announcement of President Obama online of the success of the operation become an instant sensation in networking sites and Internet searches.  This has prompted various bin Laden malware creators to capitalize on the popular news. This was reported by International news sites, May 2, 2011.

According to Mashable, Kaspersky Lab’s blog, *** and *** are two of these suspicious websites which are luring Internet surfers with their “alleged photos of Osama bin Laden.

There are still other malicious sites that offer to allow readers to view a video player or photo of the slain al-Qaeda leader bin Laden by clicking on the link that will download a popular adware that can potentially harm the reader’s computer.

MSNBC reported that Christen Gentile of Kaspersky Labs warned Internet surfers:

“They should be aware of two new types of scams that are ready and waiting to take advantage of them.”

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