Bin Laden Home Videos Released by US Officials (Video)

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United States officials released five videos of Osama bin Laden on Saturday, international news sites reported. The videos were said to be filmed by a confidant of bin Laden. The videos were filmed at undetermined dates and locations, reports said.

Bin Laden Home Video
Bin Laden Video Watching Himself on TV
Credit: Youtube Screen Capture

According to reports, four of the videos show bin Laden in a more formal attire, speaking in front of a camera. The audio of the videos was removed.

Intelligence official reportedly said that they removed the audio because it is “inappropriate to spread the words of terrorists and propaganda messages, especially Osama bin Laden.”

The release of the videos was said to be intended to remove doubts among people that bin Laden was really killed during the raids. The footages could have been held only by bin Laden, reports said.

Below is one of the home videos released, showing bin Laden watching himself on the television. He wore a dark wool cap, with white beard and slightly rocking on his seat.

Bin Laden Home Video
Credit: j3anthony03 / Youtube

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