Bin Laden Email System To Avoid Detection from Authorities Revealed

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Osama bin Laden‘s email system, which he had used for several years without getting detected by authorities, has been revealed, several international news sites reported on Thursday.

Thumb Drive
Thumb Drive
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Despite having no internet connection on his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, bin Laden was reportedly actively communicating to his associates thru email, using a system that relied on trust and discipline to avoid detection.

According to reports, bin Laden‘s method used flash-drives, a trusted courier and a distant internet cafe. The terrorist leader would compose his email messages on his computer without internet connection, then he would copy them to a thumb-sized flash drive. The flash drive will be passed to a trusted courier, who would go to a distant internet cafe.

The courier would then copy the email messages to a rented computer and send it. As a reverse process, the courier would copy all incoming emails to the flash drive and give it back to bin Laden, where he would read the messages offline on his computer.

According to reports, the Navy SEALs were able to retrieve about 100 flash drives on bin Laden‘s compound. Officials said that those flash drives appear to contain archives of email exchanges between bin Laden and his associates around the world.

Reports said that the electronic documents retrieved were so large that Arabic speakers from around intelligence community have been enlisted to peruse them.

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