Bin Laden Counter Strike Map With Mission Recently Released on GameBanana

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A new version of Osama bin Laden‘s hideout map has been released on GameBanana by user Fletch just three hours ago. The map is still for Counter Strike: Source multiplayer game.

According to Fletch, it is still based on bin Laden‘s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Unlike the initial release, the new version, named as de_abbottabad, has missions in it.

Abbottabad Map
Bin Laden Counter Strike Map
Credit: GameBanana / Fletch

On this new map, terrorists have returned to destroy any remaining information and counter-terrrorists must prevent them from doing so, Fletch said on the GameBanana download page.

According to Fletch, the events are purely fictional and are in no way a reenactment of the events that recently unfolded in the compound.

Moreover, Fletch said that he chose not to include elements such as helicopters or blood-stained carpets for ethical reasons.

The map is approximately 3 MB in size. It contains 64 spawnpoints, a navigation file, 3D Skybox and a radar overview.

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