Bill Clinton laptop with first presidential email for sale at eBay auction for $125,000 (Photo)

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Former US President Bill Clinton‘s laptop which has the first presidential email, as shown in the video below, on it is now for sale at eBay auction for $125,000. The said presidential computer was placed on eBay this Wednesday, October 31, 2012 and will end on Sunday, November 11, 2012, 9:48 a.m. PST.

Bill Clinton laptop Robert Darling

President Bill Clinton and Commander Robert
G. Darling, and the laptop for auction

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As noted at auction page that day, President Clinton used the Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop computer and sent an email on November 6, 1998 to astronaut John Glenn, who was then boarding the NASA‘s space shuttle Discovery, and became the oldest person to fly in space at the age of 77.

Clinton‘s gift to the internet age: The actual Toshiba computer that President Bill Clinton used to send his only Presidential E-mail. This is the first email of a President and the first email of a President to outer space.” A statement reads on the description of the eBay auction page of the Clinton computer for sale.

“It still has the historic message to John Glenn in space on the hard drive and disc and has outstanding documentation, including a signed photo of the President using the computer with an appropriate acknowledgment of the task and a signed print-out of the historic email also with John Glenn‘s signature.” eBay added.

“This is certainly a first for me, writing to a President from spaceā€¦The whole crew was impressed that you would be the first President to personally see a shuttle launch.” John Glenn wrote in his email to President Clinton, with the historical laptop in auction also containing a signed photo of the President using the computer.

Hillary and I had a great time at the launch. We are very proud of you and the entire crew, and a little jealous.” President Clinton wrote on his reply email, with the said 8×10 color photo showing the president along with Commander Robert G. Darling, Medical Corps of the United States Navy, White House physician, and owner of the laptop.

Bill Clinton laptop
‘President Bill Clinton laptop’, first presidential email, and photo of President Bill Clinton
and Commander Robert G. Darling

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First presidential email, sent by President Bill Clinton
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