Bieber meets girl in hospital in Utah, Justin visits Millie Flamm, 7, with leukemia (Photo)

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Justin Bieber meets a young girl in hospital in Utah on Saturday, January 5, 2013, as shown in the photo below, before proceeding to his concert at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City that night. Once more, the Canadian teen superstar showed a kind heart despite his hectic schedule and enduring controversies.

Justin Bieber Millie Flamm

Justin Bieber kissing Millie Flamm
Image Credit: Flamm family

As noted at Deseret News that day, Millie Flamm, 7, was supposed to watch Justin Bieber‘s concert that night but was too sick and could not make it. She has been battling with leukemia for three years and is currently confined at the Primary Children’s Medical Center, being aided by oxygen.

Amanda Flamm, Millie‘s mother, told the paper that she was not sure if Justin Bieber could meet her daughter, despite thousands have made an online campaign requesting the 18-year old ‘Girlfriend’ singer to see her. A website was created by the Flamm family, asking for donations to help her medications.

Amelia (Millie) was diagnosed in December of 2009 and she will continue to get daily doses of chemotherapy through 2012. It has been an incredibly stressful journey for so many reasons, but there has also been a lot of good to come from it.” A statement reads at

“All of a sudden it pulled through and we were able to do a really intimate little meeting with just her and us and Justin and it was incredible and he was so sweet to her.” Amanda Flamm was quoted in the report, noting that Justin met with Millie in private, and even sang ‘Baby’ while holding her hand.

“He walked in and her whole face just lit up, and she turned around and hugged her dad, and then he ran over and came next to her and gave her a big hug. She is squeezing on to it with all her might and will not let it go,” Mrs. Flamm added, referring to the guitar picture Bieber has given to Millie.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Justin Bieber visited a fan in the hospital. Last year, on Valentine’s Day, Justin visited Avalanna Routh, 6, who calls herself as “Mrs. Bieber” and is battling with a rare brain cancer. Sadly, Avalanna passed away in September, and Justin paid tribute to her in one of his concerts.

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