Bidorhire: A Promising Online Marketplace for Contractors and Freelancers

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Bidorhire logo

Bidorhire logo

With the increasing high demand for online freelancers, Bidorhire Limited launches its own online marketplace, Through this site, online contractors (or employers) and different kinds of freelancers can easily negotiate for a certain project. These projects can be short term or long term.

Among the current popular categories available include web design, logo design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), sales and marketing; cloud computing, article writing, and many more. As the site grows, more categories are expected to be added. Besides professionals, virtual assistants are also welcome. was founded by a British online entrepreneur named David Mundle. But despite the fact that the site is based in UK, all nationalities around the world are welcome to register for free. The basic requirements are 18 years old above, and should have a bank account, credit/debit card or Paypal.

The aim of is to provide a decent and trusted platform for employers and freelancers who are willing to showcase their skills in various fields of expertise. The site is continuously improving its tools and system to provide convenience and safety to its fast growing number of members.

One great advantage of Bidorhire is that freelancers can also be employers at the same time. After registration, the member will have his or her own dashboard as freelancer and employer. The dashboard has set of tables of the status of the member, and links to other tasks related to the project and payment.

Every time an employer needs a freelancer, all he needs to do is publish the necessary details of the project, including the price range. Then, any interested freelancer shall place a bid until the employer chooses the winner. Payment for the projects can either be on per hour basis or fixed. also offer various ways of job listing. Employers can choose it to be a paid advertisement, wherein no bidding is required. Other options are Featured, where the ad shall be posted on top of the job listing; Urgent, which will be marked as “Urgent” and will be posted right below the Featured ads.

For the safety of the freelancers, employers are required to place funds at the Escrow account. Freelancers will not be allowed to start the project if there are no enough funds. For employers, payment will only be sent to freelancers once the project has been submitted and approved by them.

Communication between employers and freelancers are being done via Private Message. But because is promoting friendship among all its members, every member is allowed to be friends to another member as long as the friendship invitation is approved by the other member.

Cancelation of projects is being mutually agreed by the employer and freelancer. But in case of unexpected misunderstanding, is ready to step in and help resolve the issue. The site owner is proud to announce that there has been no untoward incident so far.

For more information, interested parties can visit their FAQ page. For those who want to join them, everyone is invited to register for free at

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