Beyonce lip sync National Anthem controversy: Did she really sing live during Obama inauguration? (Video)

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Beyonce Knowles sang the US National Anthem during the second inauguration of US President Barack Obama on Monday, January 22, 2013, as shown in the video below. It was heard by millions of Americans and was watched on live TV. But some reports said that Beyonce did lip sync, instead of singing it live.

Beyonce National Anthem inauguration

Beyonce singing US National Anthem during
Obama inauguration (January 21, 2013)

Image Credit: New York Times video

According to The New York Times on Tuesday, Marine Corps Band spokeswoman Master Sgt. Kristin duBois admitted that Beyonce made lip sync of her performance of “The Star Spangled Banner,” and that only the pre-recorded version was played during that historical event.

As noted in the report, Sgt. duBois said that the weather on Monday was fine and the Marine Band did not have any problem and performed live during the entire inauguration ceremony. However, the band was informed at the last minute that Beyonce will not sing live and that a recorded version will be played.

However, Capt. Gregory Wolf, another Marine Corps spokesman has backed off the earlier statement. He told reports on Tuesday afternoon that Beyonce did not have the chance to rehearse with the band, which is why a pre-recorded version of the song was used, emphasizing that no one in the Marine Band is in the right position to say whether Beyonce sang live or not.

Apparently, Sgt. duBois was also quoted in other reports including New York Post and Washingtonian, allegedly confirming that Beyonce‘s performance on Monday was indeed a lip synch, explaining that the 31-year old “Run the World” singer abruptly decided to lip sync, and did not explain why.

Meanwhile, Marine Corps band director Colonel Michael J. Colburn was quoted telling to Washingtonian that all performers for the Inauguration Day, including James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson, have prepared a pre-recorded version of their performances, in case a problem will occur at the last minute. Both of them sang live that day.

For Beyonce, she even posted a photo on her official Instagram account on Sunday, January 20, the day before Inauguration Day, showing her in a recording studio, rehearsing the US National Anthem with the members of the Marine Corps Band. A rep for Beyonce has not released any official statement on this issue.

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Beyonce sings National Anthem during Obama inauguration 2013
Video Credit: TheNewYorkTimes/YouTube

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