Best Seller “Three Cups of Tea” Author, Greg Mortenson Denies Lying in His Book

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Three Cups of Tea
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Greg Mortenson, author of the Best Seller “Three Cups of Tea” has denied lying in his book. He was previously accused by another author, Jon Krakauer, of lying and that

“The story is not true.”

This was reported by international news sites, April 17, 2011.

Mortenson issued a statement saying,

“I stand by the information conveyed in my book.”

Mortenson is presently being treated for a heart condition and will comment on his book after the scheduled operation.

Krakauer has made the stunning accusation in “60 Minutes.”

“Three Cups of Tea” is about Mortenson’s K2 mountain climbing experience and his interaction with Pakistani natives, “One Man’s Mission of Peace.”

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