Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson result: Dawson wins via TKO in 2nd round in controversial fight (Video)

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The Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson fight ended up in a controversial win by Dawson via TKO in 2nd round, as shown in the video below.

Chad Dawson, lifting Bernard Hopkins during
the 2nd round of their fight on Saturday, Oct 15

Image Credit: joshimpson/HBO/YouTube

As featured at HBO on Saturday, October 15, 2011, Chad Dawson won against the 46-year old WBC light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

For the first round, both fighters threw jabs at each other but did not show a lot of action as Dawson rarely hit Hopkins. Nevertheless, it is being believed that Dawson won this round with a slight difference.

For round two, Dawson missed with an uppercut and Hopkins landed a punch, with Dawson slipping on the floor. The crowd seemed to be impatient and wanted to see more action from both fighters. Dawson missed a combination again and Hopkins tied him out and later hit a jab.

With nearly 20 seconds before the round ended, Hopkins missed and grabbed Dawson, who threw him down. Hopkins landed on his left shoulder outside the ropes and seemed to be hurt.

Apparently, referee Pat Russell announced it was a legitimate fall for Hopkins and that Dawson did not make a foul. Hopkins kept complaining and announced that he will not be able to continue the fight.

Dawson stood on the ropes celebrating his victory but unimpressed crowd booed and Hopkins’ promoter immediately said that he will protest the result. The two boxers kept shouting at each other.

Nevertheless, HBO commentators are suggesting that the Hopkins-Dawson fight should be declared as no-contest, since Bernard Hopkins fell down not because of the punch from Chad Dawson.

Earlier in the undercard fight, ex-con Dewey Bozella, 52, won his debut fight as a professional boxer, after beating Larry Hopkins via unanimous decision.

Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson fight: Round 2 and Decision
Video Credit: joshimpson/HBO/YouTube

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