Berlin’s WWII Hidden Bunkers Now Open to Tourists

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After several years, Berlin’s WWII hidden bunkers are finally opened to tourists who would like to see firsthand the reminders of the Nazi era during Adolf Hitler’s regime. This was revealed by BBC, April 15, 2011.

Germany which has hidden these grim reminders of a dark period in its past has now started to recognize the importance of these remnants of history.

The previously hidden bunkers had served as a safe place for people to take refuge when Berlin was being attacked by about 360 air raids, then being captured in May 1945.

The bunker had provided complete facility for the previous residents. They were hidden for decades because Germany does not want to remember for fear of “glorifying the past”.  The rooms are still cold and dark but they are now open to visitors who want to go back to the past and walk through the railways and underground rooms. A gasometer is also being revived to preserve Germany’s history.

Germany has now come to terms with its past.

“History is no longer buried but put on display hoping to prevent the mistakes of the past from being repeated in the future.”

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