Beluga Whale Dancing With Mariachi On US Wedding Video

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Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale
Image Credit: Mystic Aquarium

Beluga whale dancing on a US wedding video has become an internet sensation after it was posted by wedding guest Bill Kurtz of West Haven, as reported by several international news sites on Thursday, August 4, 2011.

According to Mystic Aquarium website, Juno is the name of the Beluga whale that was caught bobbing on the wedding video of Kimberly Mikenis and Kevin Van Aelst of New Haven. Juno is a nine-year-old Beluga whale that is 11 feet and nine inches in length and weighs 1,320 pounds.

Trainers however dispelled the idea that Juno is dancing to the beat of the Mariachi Connecticut band. Mystic Aquarium senior trainer Kelly O’Neil explained that Juno was trained to bob in response to specific arm movements. Juno‘s bobbing is a response to the band’s guitar player movement. O’Neil added that musical vibrations and physical movements has raised the Beluga whale‘s responses.

Below is a YouTube video of Juno, a Beluga whale bobbing while being serenaded by the Mariachi Connecticut band, posted by captainkickstand .

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