Belinda Batman banned from Facebook, Australian woman accused of not using a real name

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Facebook recently banned a woman from South Penrith, Australia named Belinda Batman, a mother of four, after the social networking site accused her of not using a real surname. She was allowed again after she submitted documents proving that she is indeed a Batman.

Belinda Batman

Belinda Batman
Image Credit: Peter Kelly

As noted in Australian news sites on Friday, October 5, 2012, Belinda Batman created a Facebook account in 2008 and had no problem with her name, despite being similar to fictional superhero. However, she was required to submit a photocopy of her license bearing her complete name before it was approved.

According to reports, Ms. Batman said that Facebook informed her last month she has been banned from using the site because she was not using a real name. The problem started when she created a Facebook group called ‘I am A Batman,’ where she and her family can communicate to each other privately.

“I used Facebook to reach out to all my family – the Batman family – across Australia and overseas, and all of a sudden Facebook wouldn’t let me use my real name.” Belinda Batman was quoted at, adding that she would never used a prank name.

Nevertheless, Facebook lifted the ban to Ms. Batman and her entire family after she provided legal documents stating that her real is Belinda Batman. The surname Batman in Australia can be traced back to prominent families, including that of John Batman, the founder of Melbourne.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Facebook has banned a legitimate user for having an unusual name. Back in May 2011, a bankruptcy lawyer from Indianapolis named Mark S. Zuckerberg said he was banned because of his namesake with the Facebook co-founder and CEO. His account was returned later.

real Batman Facebook
Belinda Batman Facebook complain
Image Credit: Belinda Batman Facebook

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