Bedbugs Population On The Rise In South Bay

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Bedbugs numbers has dramatically increased over the past few years and the trend continues in 2011 in Santa Clara County, according to reports by several international news sites.

These tiny blood-sucking parasites can survive even in the smallest area available, that makes them very hard to control.

According to Vector Control District (VCD) report, they were able to receive 125 calls of bedbugs infestations in 2010. It was up from the 65 cases in 2009 and eight in 2008.

VCD provides information about bedbugs and give out free traps in identifying if infestation are bedbug related. Bedbug infestations are not treated by VCD, but they provide referrals to pest control services.

Common symptoms of bedbug bites include itchiness, large itchy welts, and allergic reaction. Most bedbug bites symptoms occurs quickly but there are instances that it can take up to two weeks.

Reports say that pest control services usually costs around $400 to $700, and up to $5,000.

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