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Bayo ad “What’s your mix?” criticized for being ‘racist’, apologizes and to junk campaign (Photo)

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Manila, PhilippinesBayo apologized today, June 7, 2012 for their fashion ad that featured local actress-model Jasmine Curtis-Smith, younger sister of actress Anne Curtis, striking a pose with the caption: “50% Australian and 50% Filipino: What’s your mix?” as shown in the photo below.

Original Bayo “What’s your mix?” ad,
featuring Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Image Credit: Bayo Facebook

As noted at local news on Thursday afternoon, the said Bayo ad was circulated via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter last Tuesday, and earned criticism and was accused of being ‘racist’; which was even reported at tech site Mashable.

“This is just all about mixing and matching. Nationalities, moods, personalities and of course your fashion pieces. Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class.” A statement reads on the Bayo ad.

Apparently, most commenters said that the campaign suggests that being a 100% Filipina is not enough and that a 50% of another nationality should be mixed with them so they will be beautiful and a world class beauty.

Later, the said ad, which could not be found at Bayo‘s official website, has been removed from the Bayo Facebook page and instead, the fashion company placed an apology letter on their profile page, with the original ad without the message still remains.

“We at Bayo deeply apologize for the message our campaign has unintentionally conveyed. We would like to express our regrets to those who have been offended or felt discriminated against. Our company and our partners have always taken pride in being pro-Filipino as we continue to celebrate our uniqueness and achievements.” The statement from Bayo Facebook page now reads.

“We believe that being a Filipino will always make you 100% beautiful. It is unfortunate that this message got lost along the way. We thank everyone who has shown support for our thrust of promoting Filipino beauty, talent, and creativity.” Bayo added, which can also be read at

Meanwhile, Bayo VP for Product Research and Development Lyn Agustin told reports that the “What’s Your Mix?” ads will be taken down from their boutiques nationwide, but did not mention the name of the agency behind it, and noted that a new concept for their campaign will be released later.

Bayo “What’s your mix?” ad, featuring Jasmine Curtis-Smith (with alleged racist message)
Image Credit: Bayo

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