Bassmaster Classic 2011, World Championship Starts in New Orleans

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Bassmasters Classic
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The Bassmaster Classic 2011, World Championship starts this February 18, 2011 in New Orleans. Based on reports of sports’ sites, the Bassmaster will start February 18 and end on February 20.

The participants started their bid for the Bassmaster championship 2011. They become qualified for the event by earning points from Pro tournaments. The cold weather has given some competitors a slow start. By the final day, the weather is expected to improve which would allow anglers a wider venue for bass fishing.

The winner of last year’s contest was Kevin VanDam and about 50 participants will compete for the title. Gary Klein on the other hand, is optimistic about his chances of winning.

There will be about 50 boats participating in the Bassmaster Classic 2011. Launching will be from the Bayou Segmette.

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