Barry “Stickerman” Snyder turns fruit and vegetable stickers to stunning artworks (Images)

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It was reported, May 20, 2011, by CNN that simple fruit and vegetable stickers can be transformed into intricate works of art. Apparently, a man named Barry Snyder started collecting fruit and vegetable stickers, fashioning them into simple sunburst, way back in the late 60’s when he was still a teenager.

Based on said report, he makes huge Mosaics using different kinds of produce tags sent to him by fans from around the globe. He usually stays at his Colorado home for months when making artworks, it was reported.

Allegedly, “Stickerman,” as he is known, chooses his color scheme from blue Chiquitas and different multi-colored stickers. It was noted that, he uses at least 4 to 6 stickers to cover one square inch and uses Elmer’s as his glue of choice. Images like cars, skulls and soup cans are among the verified works that he has already created.

Purportedly, the 57-year-old roofer and remodeler express amusement when telling about his bright, whimsical pieces.

“You can’t go to the register without a barcode on these stickers, or the whole transaction will come to a screeching halt,” Snyder was quoted saying. “If they can’t scan it, they can’t sell it, so part of my whole statement is a little sarcastic: Without these stickers, we’d starve to death,” he adds.

Barry “Stickerman” Snyder Artworks
Image Credit: CNN

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