Barbie without makeup photo by graphic artist reveals doll’s face “natural look”

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A Barbie without makeup photo, as shown below, shows the imperfection on the face of the world’s most famous doll. Apparently, the said image is far from what her millions of fans have seen in all of her glamorous editions; and what is being dubbed as a “natural state” of Barbie.

Barbie without makeup

Barbie without makeup, and with makeup (inset)
Image Credit: Eddi Aguirre

The Barbie photo, which was posted at Imgur two monthg ago, and recently at Instagram, was reportedly created by Eddi Aguirre, a graphic artist from Mexico. It has been featured on various major sites such as Huffington Post, The Blaze, and Yahoo Shine; and has attracted a lot of mixed reactions.

Judging from the photo, Barbie appeared to have eye bags, acne on her face, freckles that suggest that she has been under the sun, and wearing braces on her yellow stained teeth. Some commentators said this new natural look for Barbie could resemble to an ordinary girl, who just woke up from a sound sleep.

Nevertheless, the image of Barbie has been into a lot of controversies and criticisms since 1959, when it was created by Ruth Handler and was launched by toy manufacturer Mattel in March 1959. If she would be real-life woman, her body measurements (39″ 18″ 33″) were allegedly too good to be true and unattainable.

Barbie has influenced a lot of young some girls to do everything to attain the same body figure, but instead develop eating disorders. But in recent years, her waist line has expanded, and she has been transformed into various forms including being a student teacher, a doctor, and an astronaut.

Back in 2012, Mattel introduced a bald doll friend of Barbie, which was distributed exclusively to children’s hospitals and other hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada that treat children with cancer; and to directly reach young girls who are most affected by hair loss due to their illness.

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Barbie without makeup after
Barbie without makeup (left), and with makeup
Image Credit: Eddi Aguirre

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