Barbie Makeover: Plus size Barbie Debate went viral

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Plus Size Barbie

Plus Size Barbie
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Will plus size Barbie dolls be in the works for Mattel soon?

There has been a growing debate on whether toy companies should start creating plus size Barbie dolls. Many said that the current Barbie dolls are too perfectly shaped that makes it unrealistic.

With the growing number of fat children, original Barbie dolls may not be too attractive to the new generation as they looked too skinny.

The Plus Size Modeling Facebook page started the debate on whether Mattel should come up with a Barbie doll with a bigger waistline.

The FB page has one post that says, “Should toy companies start making Plus Sized Barbie Dolls?” To answer with a Yes, FB users are asked to click the Like button. Answering with a NO can be done by providing a comment. (Click here to check out the comments of netizens.)

As of posting, the post has already received 41,000 LIKES, while over 5,000 provided their comments.

What is your take on the Plus Size Barbie issue? Are you amenable to the idea of having a Barbie doll with a larger waistline? Provide your answer in the comments section below this post.

Read the comments of netizens by checking out MadlangbayanPH.

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