Barbie Dream House for sale for $25 million, Mattel to search for Barbie’s new house (Photo)

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The so-called Barbie Dream House, as shown in the photos below, is now for sale for $25 million. Toy maker Mattel has listed Barbie‘s dream house in Malibu, California in its campaign to find a new house for the world’s most popular doll, wherein Barbie will be traveling around the world over the next months.

Barbie moving new house ad

Barbie moving new house ad

According to a press release by Mattel on its official website on Wednesday, February 7, 2013, the three-storey single family home of Barbie has been officially listed in the real estate market via celebrity realtor Josh Altman. This is part of the year-long global brand campaign for Barbie.

As noted by Mattel, the original life-sized pink Barbie Dreamhouse made its debut in 1962, allowing young girls to play the real life scenarios of Barbie. It was built with unique architectural features and interior design details, based on the ideas of Ruth Handler, who was known for marketing Barbie doll.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for Barbie to put her Dreamhouse on the market, but this move marks an unprecedented opportunity for her fans to get an inside look at her dreamy home,” Lori Pantel, vice president, global marketing for Barbie, was quoted at this Wednesday.

“As the brand continues to evolve, we are focused on creating new experiences that allow girls to step into Barbie’s world in ways they never thought possible — igniting their imaginations and encouraging them to dream even bigger.” Pantel added.

Based on the listing at, Barbie Dream House, which covers a 500-square-foot area, has one bedroom, one bathroom, and one kitchen; one-bathroom mansion; and is the only house in Malibu that features a balcony overlooking the ocean. It also has a pink elevator equipped with a state-of-the-art pulley system.

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