Bar Exam Results 2011: 31.9% Passing Rate in the 2011 Philippine Bar Exams

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Update: List of Bar Exam 2011 Topnotchers

The result of the 2011 Philippine Bar Examinations was announced by the Supreme Court today, February 28, 2012, as reported by several local news sites. There are 1,913 examinees out of 5,990 who passed the 2011 Bar exams or a passing percentage of 31.9%.

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Reports say that the 2011 Bar Exam result is the 2nd highest passing rate in this millennium. The highest Bar Exam result was registered in 2001 where 32.89% of the examinees passed. The 2002 Bar Exam result of 19.68%, was the lowest passing percentage.

Supreme Court spokesman Jose Midas Marquez explained that the high passing rate in the exam was due to “the reforms undertaken in the 2011 Bar Exams.” Marquez said that the 2011 Bar Exam results are still being audited manually and the complete list of Bar Exam passers will be released at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28.

Below is the complete composition of Bar examiners of the 2011 Bar Exams.

  • Justice Roberto Abad – Chairperson and former Dean of the University of Sto. Tomas Law School
  • Court of Appeals Justice and Professor Amy Lazaro-Javier for Political Law
  • Professor Atty. Cesario Alvero Azucena, Jr. for Labor Law
  • Former Justice Usec. Dean Ernesto Pineda for Civil Law
  • Professor Abelardo Domondon for Taxation
  • Court of Appeals Justice and Professor Ramon Paul Hernando for Mercantile Law
  • Sandiganbayan Justice and Professor Maria Cristina Cornejo for Criminal Law
  • Former Professor and Practitioner Virgilio Manguera for Remedial Law
  • MCLE Lecturer and Professor Edwin Carillo for Legal Ethics

A multiple choice type of exam was included for the first time in the 2011 Bar Exams. About 60% of the exams was multiple choice and the remaining 40% was in essay.

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