Banjo the Koala Recovered In Car Park By Tim Faulkner (Photo)

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Banjo the Koala
Banjo the Koala
Image Credit: The Daily Telegraph

Banjo, the Koala reportedly stolen from the Australian Reptile Park at Somersby, has been found in a car park on Tuesday afternoon, as reported by several international news sites.

The location of the 13-year-old Koala was reported to the park by an anonymous caller.

According to the reports, head keeper Tim Faulkner went to the specified car park and recovered Banjo inside a light-brown plastic thrash bin.

Banjo is said to be in fairly good condition but is slightly dehydrated when Faulkner found him.

Faulkner is currently administering fluids and a special vitamin supplement to keep Banjo‘s weight up.

Bolt cutters were reportedly used to open Banjo‘s enclosure on Monday night.

Banjo the Koala and Tim Faulkner
Banjo the Koala and head keeper Tim Faulkner
Image Credit: The Daily Telegraph

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