Banana Boat recall: Energizer Holdings recalls sunscreen products in US and Canada (Product List)

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Energizer Holdings Inc. announced on Friday, October 19, 2012 a voluntary recall of 23 Banana Boat Ultra Mist sunscreen products, noting that product may ignite on human skin if the user will be in contact with a flame or spark before the spray dries completely. The complete list of affected products is available below.

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As announced by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its official website that day, the Banana Boat recall was due to the safety concern for users, and that This is issue is being believed to be related to the delivery system of the product. Energizer said they are now removing these products from retail outlets.

According to report, the spray valve opening of the recalled products dispenses more than the usual for continuous sun care sprays of users, which means it will take more time for it to dry. This leads to the increase of fire risk when they made contact with a spark or flame, since there is big potential that the product will ignite.

Energizer noted that they have already received four reports related to the problem, involving burns when using Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport SPF 30 and 50 products in the US, along with one incident in Canada. The company emphasized that their products have consistent safety warnings on their labels.

With this, Energizer is strongly advising the public to stop using the recalled products, which were distributed to wholesalers and retailers across the US and Canada from January of 2010 through September 30, 2012. CBC News Canada reported that burn experts told them that the problem appears to be extremely rare.

“We’ve found no evidence of this happening before the incidents that came to our attention. The alcohol and petroleum products listed on the containers are flammable, so the only thing you’re missing in the heat triangle is an ignition source.” Dan Dillard, executive director of the Burn Prevention Network, was quoted in the Canadian report.

For more information about this sunscreen products recall, US customers are being advised to contact the company’s Consumer Affairs at 1-800-SAFESUN (1-800-723-3786) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET, or by sending an email to [email protected].

Canadian customers are being advised to Energizer Canada at 1-888-SUN-TIPS (1-888-786-8477) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, or send an email to the same email address given above. Below is the complete list of products affected by this Banana Boat recall, taken from (and for Canadian products.)

For US:

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport 15 Spray 6oz, US; 7965600979-8

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport SPF 30 Spray 6oz. 2/3; 7965600878-4

* Banana Boat Sport 30 Bonus Continuous Spray 8oz – US; 7965600955-2

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Ultra Defense SPF 30, 6oz; 7965604626-7

* Banana Boat Bonus 8oz Ultra Defense SPF 30 Ultra Mist; 7965600956-9

* Banana Boat Family Size Sport 30 Ultra Mist 9.5OZ; 7965605167-4

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport SPF 50 6oz, 2/3s; 7965600933-0

* Banana Boat Ultra Defense Ultra Mist SPF 50 6oz. 2/3s; 7965604492-8

* Ultra Defense 50 Bonus Continuous Spray, 8oz, US; 7965604549-9

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Kids SPF 50 Clear 6oz. 2/3; 7965604495-9

* Banana Boat Sport 50 Bonus Continuous Spray 8oz, US; 7965604551-2

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport Performance SPF 50+ Spray 9.5oz; 7965605110-0

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Ultra Defense 85 Spray 6oz; 7965604654-0

* Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport 85 Spray 6oz, US; 7965604665-6

* Banana Boat Kids SPF 85 Spray 6oz, US; 7965604916-9

* Banana Boat Bonus 8oz Ultra Defense SPF 85 Ultra Mist; 7965604677-9

* Banana Boat Bonus 8oz Sport SPF 85 Ultra Mist; 7965604679-3

* Banana Boat 6oz Sport SFP30 Spray Twin Pack; 79656-05374-6

* Banana Boat 6oz Sport SPF50 Spray Twin Pack; 79656-05028-8

* Banana Boat 6oz Spt30 Ultra Mist 2pk w/Sport Lotion&Lip; 79656-05389-0

* Banana Boat 8oz Sport SPF30 UltraMist w/Sport LipBalm; 79656-07951-7

* Banana Boat 6OZ SPT 30 UltraMist W/$1 Instant Redeemable Coupon; 79656-07975-3

* Banana Boat 6oz SPORT SPF50 Ultra Mist 3PK; 79656-05464-4

For Canada:

* Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 60 Spray Sunscreen, 180 ml, 79656 04991-6

* Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 60 Spray Sunscreen, 180 ml, 79656 04990-9

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