Baldness Cure: Mice Tests by Japanese Researchers Provides New Hope (Video)

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A new baldness cure, successfully tested on mice, was announced by Japanese researchers on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

Reports say the baldness cure, done by implanting follicles from stem cells, has grown the hair of a hairless mice.

The Japanese research team led by Tokyo University of Science professor Takashi Tsuji reportedly bio-engineered hair follicles and transplanted them into the skin of hairless mice. Tsuji‘s team discovered that hair follicles can grow with adult stem cells.

Results of the study, published in Nature Communications science magazine, reportedly showed that hair grows over the mice bald skin and regenerates normally when old hairs fall. According to the study, “Our current study thus demonstrates the potential for not only hair regeneration therapy but also the realisation of bioengineered organ replacement using adult somatic stem cells.”

Another researcher, Koh-ei Toyoshima, revealed that their team “would like to start clinical research within three to five years, so that an actual treatment to general patients can start within a decade.”

New baldness cure found by Japanese researchers report
Video Credit: Global Post

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