Bald Barbie: Mattel To Make Hairless Doll, Will Donate To Children’s Hospital

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Bald Barbie Facebook Campaign
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Mattel has agreed to manufacture a hairless Barbie doll to support the campaign “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s See if we can get it made” created in Facebook for young girls who have lost their hair due to cancer, according to recent reports by several international sites, March 31, 2012.

Reports said Mattel announced that it would start producing a new bald Barbie doll that kids will be able to decorate with wigs, scarves, and hats.

Jane Bingham, co-founder of the Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made Facebook group and gathered 153,000 likes, mentioned she’s never thought her efforts to create a doll to help girls dealing with hair loss would gain so much support.

“We thought it would be popular with plenty of people, but we did not expect it to balloon the way it did across the world and throughout the media”, Jane said.

“(We want girls to know) they’re not dependent on their hair for their self-worth and their beauty. Women and children, it’s looked down upon that you would go out without your hair. People would automatically assume that you’re sick and you should stay at home in bed,” she added.

Below is the statement of Mattel company posted on its Facebook account, :

Play is vital for children, especially during difficult times. We are pleased to share with our community that next year we will be producing a fashion doll, that will be a friend of Barbie, which will include wigs, hats, scarves and otherfashion accessories to provide girls with a traditional fashion play experience. For those girls who choose, the wigs and head coverings can be interchanged or completely removed. We will work with our longstanding partner, the Children’s Hospital Association, to donate and distribute the dolls exclusively to children’s hospitals directly reaching girls who are most affected by hair loss. A limited number of dolls and monetary donations will also be made to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Through a thoughtful approach, we made the decision not to sell these dolls at retail stores, but rather get the dolls directly into the hands of children who can most benefit from the unique play experience, demonstrating Mattel’s ongoing commitment to encourage play as a respite for children in the hospital and to bring joy to children who need it most. We appreciate the conversation around this issue, and are interested to hear what you think!

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