Babysitter with Twitter username @theashes enjoys accidental fame to The Ashes Cricket match

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A babysitter with a Twitter username of @theashes now enjoys an ‘accidental’ fame to The Ashes cricket match, according to Brisbane Times on Tuesday.

Interestingly, the 22-year old babysitter who swears that she was never a cricket fan and even knows nothing about the game is now a cricket celebrity, and is now being offered a free trip to Australia to watch the famous cricket game.

The Ashes, the cricket series between Australia and England as the two teams has become the most celebrated rivalry since the late 1880s, was said to have found another celebrity, but this time an American non-cricket fan.

Ashley Kerekes, who has a Twitter username @theashes since she joined the micro-blogging site in 2007, has been recently receiving tons of tweets from the fans of the popular cricket test matches, The Ashes.

Kerekes, the Massachusetts babysitter who says she originally came from Maine, started to become popular in Twitter after she complained online with this tweet.


Her regular followers of 300 skyrocketed to thousands (8,614 followers as of this writing), has been interviewed by top international news websites, and still receiving a lot of interview offers.

Qantas Airlines was said to have been offering Ms. Kerekes a free ticket to Australia to watch the test match between Australia and England, better known as The Ashes.

“I was out Christmas shopping with my aunt and I got a Twitter [direct message] from a friend of mine telling me that some guy was trying to get information about me,” Ashley Kerekes told Brisbane.

“I’d turned off notifications on my phone right after my first outburst so I had no idea. After that I went looking around and found that I had hundreds, maybe thousands, of messages about The Ashes.” She added, as she seems to become annoyed with strange messages.

“My boyfriend gave me the nickname years ago, maybe because of the cricket tournament. We don’t remember. He’s been calling me The Ashes forever,” Ms Kerekes said, as she explains how she got the Twitter username that gave her instant fame.

Meanwhile, the overnight celebrity admitted that she just started to sell T-shirts online with the line that raised her to fame – “I am not a freaking cricket match!!!”

“I hope no one is offended by me making t-shirts. I probably (sic) make 2 cents a shirt. I’m not trying to get rich just have fun,” she tweeted, adding that she hopes to bid for a fund-raising for her supposed trip to Australia.

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