Baby Spider Monkey Estela rejected by own mother, clings to ‘Teddy bear’ for love (Photo)

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A baby spider monkey named Estela, who was rejected by her own mother since birth is now seeking love from a ‘Teddy Bear’, which looks like a monkey, as shown in the photo below.

Baby Spider Monkey Estela
Photo credit:: James D. Morgan/Rex Features
Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail on Monday, Estela, a spider monkey who was born on January 12 at the Melbourne Zoo in Australia, has been rejected by her own mother named Sunshine after giving birth to her.

Since then, the baby spider monkey is being seen clinging at the back of a stuff toy that resembles a monkey, apparently hoping to feel love and warmth of a mother.

In some cases, Estela also sleeps at the back of a toy cat, wherein she is being wrapped in a towel to add comfort, the report added.

Zoo primate supervisor Jess McKelson told the report that Estela has been longing for concern from everyone, in which all department staff have been working hard to look after her.

“We’re taking turns to stay overnight with Estela to monitor her condition and provide the overnight feeds,” Ms. McKelson was quoted as saying.

‘Keeping Estela alive has been a big challenge, and she has had ups and downs over this time, with several infections that have been a real threat to her survival.” She added, noting that zoo veterinarians are doing everything to save her.

Baby Spider Monkey Estela
Photo credit:: James D. Morgan/Rex Features/Daily Mail

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